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Welcome to Our Demo / Tutorial Room


This is our demo / tutorial room - totally free for you to play, and intended as an opportunity for you to experience an abbreviated (shortened) version of one of our escape rooms.  This will allow you to not only get a sense of what our rooms are like, but it also provides you with the ability to test if our rooms are compatible with your device (to see our video outlining system requirements, click here).  This room also serves as a tutorial: you can choose to try to solve the puzzles on your own and play through the room first, and then watch the tutorial video (which provides all the solutions to the puzzles in this room, and also gives helpful hints, and highlights various aspects of our rooms), OR you can simply go straight to the tutorial, and watch that first.  If you choose the second option, please note that you won't really be able to get the full experience of playing through the room later, as you will already know all of the solutions (this is your SPOILER ALERT).  Furthermore, watching the tutorial alone will not let you know if our rooms are compatible with your device.  Yes.  This is me (subtly?) recommending that you attempt to play through the room first.  Totally up to you though.  Good luck!

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